Common Traits of Scorpio Men

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Do you remember what you first thought when you were told that the guy you were interested in was a Scorpio? Did you already have some ideas of the personality that may be hiding behind your own first impressions, even though you told yourself that you don’t really believe in astrology?

Do the words passionate and sexy as well as vindictive and possibly slightly weird, come to mind which you may well have inadvertently picked up on the internet without realizing.

There are hundreds of websites each with thousands of articles and blog posts which try to portray male Scorpio characteristics and personality traits. However, if you have met a man that you are attracted to who was born under the sign of Scorpio, you would do well to find out all you can about his moods and general demeanor to help you understand if this is going to be a lasting association.

Charming and Mysterious

The main consensus of agreement with the thousands of articles about a Scorpio male personality is one of mystery. Other than the Scorpio female a Scorpio male is probably the most mysterious throughout the twelve zodiac signs. This is because of his usually very secretive nature, which he hides behind a penetrating gaze as he looks at a person, to sum up how he is going to progress the relationship. This is a skill the Scorpio male has developed which allows him to read most people like an open book.

One can almost hear the cogs of a Scorpio man’s brain turning as he steps back and analyses every situation before moving forward. Once his mind is made up in the way he wants to progress he can be very articulate in reaching his goals. His charming personality rises to the surface and this sign has been referred to as the ‘James Bond’ of the zodiac because of the confident aura mixed with a dash of mystery which surrounds his character.

Secretive and Passionate

The reason why a Scorpio man is secretive is mainly that he takes a long time before trusting anyone. Even if he has known you for a long time it seems he has a built-in mechanism that stops him from revealing all his secrets. By doing this it sometimes can lead to arguments and he can often be accused of not opening up or giving himself totally to another person. This is something that just needs to be accepted by the other person.

The word passionate could be used as the middle name of the Scorpio male and is considered as one of the best lovers and most passionate of the signs of the zodiac. The word passionate is not just associated with love and romance but also in everything else he gets involved in. If a Scorpio man has a task or a target to achieve that he is really interested in he will go for it with all his heart once he has made up his mind.

These are just some of the most distinctive character traits of this enigmatic male. There are of course lots more traits that he will display, both positive and negative. It can really help in a person’s dealings with a Scorpio if you have a good understanding of what makes him tick and why he will act in specific ways. You can find out more about the scoprio male at


Scorpio Woman Traits

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Females born under the sign of Scorpio generally have some marked qualities that differentiate them from the other eleven zodiac signs. Trying to uncover these unique traits takes some doing because they are usually adverse to opening up unless they have been reassured of honesty and loyalty. The Scorpio woman is adept at keeping her feelings deeply buried inside along with her emotions.

The two words that describe a female Scorpio best are passionate and intense. Not just passionate about a personal relationship but also very passionate and single-minded about everything she gets involved in regarding life in general. This makes this woman hardworking and ambitious and if not diverted or dragged down by another, usually makes a success of everything she does and consequently enjoys a full life.

One of the characteristics that stand out when meeting a Scorpio woman is the steady gaze that she fixes on you, not to disarm you but to analyze and weigh you up. This cool stare can be slightly off-putting as it comes across as mesmerizing but a good indication that she is interested in you. This is also a bit of a defense system as a Scorpio woman is also very adept at seeking out lies that are uttered by shallow people.

The Scorpio woman has been blessed with an inner beauty, unlike the Aquarius woman who is recognized as the beauty of the zodiac but more along the lines of Virgo woman both of which exude an inner depth. The steady gaze of the Scorpio woman has been likened to hypnotic eyes and her reserved nature while she is weighing a person up gives off seductive vibes which tend to draw men to her.

This seductive trait is an assessment read by the male who usually gets it wrong. All the Scorpio woman is doing at this early stage is orderly taking mental notes as to the personality of the other. Until a Scorpio woman gets to know you, which can usually take a long time, she is unlikely to open her feelings. Because her nature is very loyal and she is looking for a secure relationship she needs to be sure she is not dealing with a dishonest person.

When it comes to romance and love, Scorpio woman is looking for an alpha male, a real man. A Scorpio woman tends to aim high and will not consider second best. The type she usually goes for is intelligent, charming and ambitious. Once a Scorpio woman has fixed you with her gaze and made her assessment, if you don’t reach her high standards there is no point in trying to pursue a relationship which will be doomed to failure. This is one of the primary reasons it can be very helpful to find out her compatibility traits in a relationship.

Although Scorpio woman can be construed as seductive it is usually a steady long-term relationship that is committed is what she is after. However, a Scorpio woman does have jealous and possessive tendencies when in love and can sometimes be an insecure partner. There is no way she would put up with a partner that was not totally loyal.

Scorpio Man & Woman Compatibility

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The combination of partners under this same star sign can be fantastic or disastrous in equal measure due to the inner tension and sexual energy that is inbuilt and comes to the surface when a relationship starts taking shape. As a rule, every Scorpio needs a partner to balance them but sometimes this sign goes to extremes and they may not have the patience to explore tenderness to help in a long-term commitment.

These two people born under the sign of the Scorpion will not need to spice up their sex lives because it will be intense even if everything around them is falling apart. Emotions will be running at full speed and sometimes each will try to make the other angry and do things out of spite just so that they can make up again.

The best thing to do in this relationship is to take it slow if you can and try to cultivate an inner tenderness and work on a closeness of understanding rather than the roller coaster emotions that could cause an unnecessary and permanent break. The sexual part of the relationship is important but this could wear in time, so tenderness will be a guiding factor to build on.

This may be described by many as an odd relationship between two possessive need to know everything but self -assured partners. Neither Scorpio woman or man wants the other to control them but they need to be very much involved in their companion’s life to fit in with their organized universe. In this union, both will see the other as honest and true and leave their insecurities unsaid, by just trusting the other person without many words spoken.

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Because of their singularly direct approach, they may find themselves facing emotional upheavals that they would rather not deal with. This is the foundation and a hotbed of upsets that may lead to numerous and lasting conflicts. However, on the other hand, it could lead to an amazing personal spiritual up-lift for each partner as an understanding develops in their heart. The savior to the relationship is tolerance which may be hard to achieve for either in this sign.

Scorpio is a water sign which runs deeply with emotion that gets more controlled with maturity and understanding of a partners views. However, with two people of the same star sign, it is difficult to reach rational decisions regarding emotive issues. They make it sometimes impossible to judge their own reflections in the judgments they make on each other and arrive at unjustifiable decisions.

A union of two Scorpio signs has a tendency to bring to the surface the worst traits of each other. Although both know and completely understand their own characteristics, the combination tends to sink into the darker side of emotions that never seem to be resolved. Each needs to take the lead in trying to point out deficiencies in the relationship without the other holding a grudge and just accepting it is the best for the long term.